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Barbell Press Sit-Up 101 Video Tutorial

Gym Modified Variation Core Exercise


Barbell Press Sit-Up
Barbell Press Sit-Up

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Push (Bilateral)

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The Barbell Press Sit-Up is a dynamic compound exercise primarily targeting the abdominal muscles while engaging secondary muscle groups including the triceps, shoulders, and chest. Utilizing a barbell, the exercise involves lying on a mat with knees bent, holding the barbell above the chest with arms extended. As the individual performs a sit-up motion, they simultaneously press the barbell overhead, engaging the core muscles to lift the torso while activating the upper body muscles to press the weight. This exercise provides a comprehensive workout for the core while also targeting the arms and shoulders, making it an efficient choice for full-body strength training.

How to Perform

  1. Begin by positioning yourself on an incline bench, ensuring your ankles are securely placed behind the ankle pads and holding a barbell with arms extended above your chest.

  2. Inhale as you initiate the movement, curling your torso to lift yourself into a sitting position while maintaining control.

  3. Exhale as you simultaneously press the barbell overhead, engaging the triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles.

  4. Inhale again as you carefully lower the barbell back to your chest, maintaining stability and control throughout the movement.

  5. Complete the repetition by exhaling and returning to the starting position on the incline bench, ready to perform the next repetition. Ensure smooth and controlled movements throughout the entire exercise to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, focus on engaging the abdominal muscles throughout the movement to maximize the benefits for the targeted muscle group. Adjust the weight of the barbell as needed to match your strength and fitness level, aiming for proper form and alignment at all times.


  1. Begin by lying on an incline bench, securing your ankles and holding a barbell above your chest.

  2. Engage your abdominal muscles as you lift your torso into a sitting position, using controlled movements.

  3. Simultaneously press the barbell overhead, engaging the triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles.

  4. Lower the barbell back to your chest with control, maintaining stability and proper form.

  5. Focus on breathing rhythmically, inhaling during the eccentric phase and exhaling during the concentric phase.

  6. Keep your core muscles engaged throughout the entire movement to maximize effectiveness.

  7. Ensure your back remains flat against the bench to prevent strain and injury.

  8. Use a challenging but manageable weight for the barbell to ensure proper form and muscle engagement.

  9. Perform the exercise with a slow and controlled tempo, avoiding jerky movements or momentum.

  10. Aim for a full range of motion while maintaining stability and control to target the abs and secondary muscles effectively.

How Not to Perform