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Dumbbell Plank Pass Through 101 Video Tutorial

Gym Main Variation Core Exercise


Dumbbell Plank Pass Through
Dumbbell Plank Pass Through

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The Dumbbell Plank Pass Through is a dynamic core exercise that targets the abs while also engaging the obliques and forearms. In this exercise, individuals start in a plank position with their hands on the dumbbells, wrists directly under the shoulders, and feet hip-width apart. With controlled movements, they alternate passing the dumbbell from one hand to the other underneath their body, maintaining stability and balance throughout the exercise. This movement effectively engages the abdominal muscles to stabilize the body while also challenging the obliques and forearms. The use of dumbbells adds resistance, intensifying the workout and promoting strength and muscle development in the targeted areas.

How to Perform

  1. Begin the Dumbbell Plank Pass Through exercise by assuming a quadruped position with a dumbbell placed beside your left side, ensuring a stable base for the movement.

  2. Transition into a high plank position by lifting your knees off the ground and supporting your body weight on your toes and hands, maintaining a straight line from head to heels. Adjust the width of your feet for optimal stability during the exercise.

  3. Engage your core muscles, glutes, and forearms while keeping your hands directly beneath your shoulders to stabilize the body and prevent the hips from lifting too high.

  4. Maintain proper alignment by keeping your head and spine neutral, avoiding excessive forward or backward tilting, and ensuring your gaze is focused about one inch in front of you without tucking your chin.

  5. With controlled movements, grasp the dumbbell with your right hand and pull it underneath your body to the right side without allowing your hips to rotate, emphasizing core stability throughout the movement.

  6. Continue the exercise by grabbing the dumbbell with your left hand and pulling it back to the starting position on your left side, maintaining control and stability.

  7. Each repetition is completed after both sides have been alternately reached, emphasizing smooth and controlled movement to effectively engage the abs, obliques, and forearms while minimizing momentum.


  1. Maintain a stable high plank position throughout the exercise.

  2. Engage the core muscles, including the abs and obliques, to stabilize the body.

  3. Keep the hands directly under the shoulders to support proper alignment.

  4. Control the movement of the dumbbell to prevent swinging or momentum.

  5. Focus on pulling the dumbbell underneath the body without rotating the hips.

  6. Ensure the spine remains neutral, avoiding excessive arching or rounding.

  7. Keep the gaze slightly forward to maintain proper neck alignment.

  8. Control the descent of the dumbbell to the starting position after each pass through.

  9. Adjust foot positioning for optimal stability during the exercise.

  10. Breathe steadily throughout the movement to maintain oxygen flow and energy.

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