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Discover Dr. Fitology's Packages: Essential, Plus, and Ultimate. Tailored fitness plans, nutrition guidance, and consultation sessions are included. The Essential package serves as a solid foundation for your fitness journey, offering essential services to kickstart your progress. The Plus package goes a step further, providing extended services to cater to your evolving needs. For the ultimate fitness experience, Dr. Fitology's Ultimate package covers your fitness guidance for at least a year. This comprehensive package ensures you have access to top-tier workout plans, tailored nutrition guidance, and dedicated consultation sessions, all designed to empower you on your transformative fitness journey. Start your transformative fitness journey with Dr. Fitology today.

  • Essential

    • 1 workout plan of your choice
    • 1 nutrition plan
  • Most Popular


    • 2 workout plans of your choice
    • 2 nutrition plans
    • Save 50% on a single workout consultation session
    • Save 50% on a single nutrition consultation session
  • Ultimate

    Covers you for an entire year!
    • 8 workout plans of your choice
    • 8 nutrition plans
    • Save 50% on two workout consultation sessions
    • Save 50% on two nutrition consultation sessions
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