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Congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of your fitness journey! Are you ready to surpass your limits and unleash your inner athlete? Introducing the Advanced Workout Plan, where you'll experience a new level of strength, endurance, and performance. With cutting-edge techniques and targeted training strategies, you'll push beyond what you thought possible. Let's rewrite what you thought was your peak and make your fitness dreams a reality. Join Dr. Fitology on this remarkable journey and unlock your true potential. Get started today and elevate your fitness game to unprecedented heights!

Unlock your better version with just one more step

An "Advanced Workout Plan" is designed for individuals who have had over 18 months of consistent (rather than sporadic) workout experience.


The workout plan should be followed for a duration of 30 to 90 days.


Please take a few moments to complete the form below and request your next personalized workout plan, powered by science! To ensure that I create a program that perfectly matches your needs, it would be great if you could provide accurate information. Rest assured that I will work diligently to prepare your workout plan, with an estimated timeframe of 1 to 7 days. Please note that the preparation time may vary depending on the number of orders in the queue, as I follow a "first ordered, first served" approach.

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Advanced (A$45)

Biological sex
Which fitness equipment do you currently have available at your home?
Do you currently have any of the following medical conditions or injuries
Are you currently taking any of the following medications for your medical condition?
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Do you have any limitations in the movement of any part of your body?
Which medications from the following list are you currently taking?
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The following questions are optional, but help in tailoring your plan to You

Please indicate your body type
Do you smoke?
Have you had any injury in the past 3 years
Which of the following body parts did you have injury in?
If you are a shift worker, do you work non-traditional hours such as night shifts?
Which part of your body or muscle group have you been focusing on during the past 30 days in your training?
Specific focus muscles:
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Body shape types




What supplements and vitamins, if any, do you currently take?
Which part of your body or muscle group do you consider to be your weakest?
Specific weak muscles:
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