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Hanging Leg Raise With Dumbbell 101 Video Tutorial

Gym Advanced Variation Core Exercise


Hanging Leg Raise With Dumbbell
Hanging Leg Raise With Dumbbell

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The Hanging Leg Raise with Dumbbell is an advanced abdominal exercise that primarily targets the abs while also engaging the forearms. In this exercise, individuals hang from a pull-up bar with their arms extended, holding a dumbbell between their feet. With controlled movements, they lift their legs towards their chest while keeping them straight, contracting the abdominal muscles to raise the dumbbell. This exercise effectively isolates the abs, promoting strength and muscle growth in the core region, while also engaging the forearms to maintain grip on the dumbbell. The added resistance from the dumbbell increases the challenge, making it a valuable exercise for building core strength and definition.

How to Perform

  1. Begin the Hanging Leg Raise with Dumbbell, an effective exercise for targeting the lower abs and engaging the forearms, by finding a sturdy surface to hang from, such as a chin-up bar or a stable tree branch, ensuring a secure grip for safety and stability.

  2. While hanging, engage your core muscles by tensing the midsection to stabilize the body throughout the exercise, maintaining proper form and alignment to maximize effectiveness.

  3. With straight legs, slowly lift them upwards towards the chest, focusing on using the abdominal muscles to control the movement and raise the dumbbell held between your feet as high as possible, emphasizing a full range of motion to fully engage the abs.

  4. Pause briefly at the top of the movement to contract the abdominal muscles before slowly lowering your legs back down to the starting position, maintaining control and preventing swinging or momentum.

  5. Perform the exercise for the desired number of repetitions, focusing on quality over quantity and maintaining proper form throughout each repetition to effectively target the abs and enhance core strength. Additionally, ensure proper breathing throughout the exercise to optimize oxygen flow and energy output.


  1. Focus on controlling the pace during the Hanging Leg Raise with Dumbbell to maximize its effectiveness in targeting the abs and engaging the forearms. Avoid swinging your legs, as momentum diminishes the benefits for the abs. Instead, prioritize a slow and controlled movement pattern to fully engage the abdominal muscles and optimize muscle activation.

  2. Maintain stability and minimize body sway by keeping your torso as still as possible throughout the exercise. Avoid excessive swinging or rocking motion, as this reduces the intensity of the workout and detracts from the targeted muscle engagement. Concentrate on maintaining proper form and stability to effectively isolate the abs and enhance overall muscle coordination.

  3. For advanced lifters seeking additional challenge, incorporate a dumbbell between the feet to add resistance and increase the intensity of the exercise. This extra weight further challenges the abs and forearms, promoting strength gains and muscle development. Ensure a secure grip on the dumbbell and maintain proper control throughout the movement to prevent injury and optimize results.

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