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Barbell Floor Wiper 101 Video Tutorial

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Barbell Floor Wiper
Barbell Floor Wiper

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The Barbell Floor Wiper is a dynamic core exercise that focuses on sculpting the abdominal muscles, primarily targeting the rectus abdominis. Using a barbell as the required equipment, this exercise involves lying on the floor with the barbell held above the chest and legs raised perpendicular to the ground. The movement consists of horizontally sweeping the legs side to side, akin to a windshield wiper motion, while keeping the upper body stable. In addition to the intense activation of the abs, the Barbell Floor Wiper engages secondary muscle groups, including the obliques, hip flexors, and lower back, contributing to overall core strength and stability. This compound exercise not only enhances abdominal definition but also promotes coordination and strength in the supporting muscle groups, making it an effective addition to core-focused workout routines.

How to Perform

  1. Setup:

    • Lie on your back on the floor with your legs extended and a barbell held with a pronated grip directly above your chest. Ensure your arms are fully extended, and your palms are facing forward.

  2. Leg Raise:

    • Lift your legs upward, keeping them straight and perpendicular to the floor. This is the starting position for the Barbell Floor Wiper.

  3. Horizontal Sweep:

    • While keeping your upper body stable and the barbell stationary above your chest, slowly lower your legs to one side towards the floor. Aim for a controlled horizontal sweep without touching the ground.

  4. Engage Obliques:

    • As you sweep your legs, engage your obliques to control the movement and prevent excessive twisting of the torso. This targets the side muscles of your core.

  5. Return to Center:

    • Lift your legs back to the starting position, returning to the vertical position above your hips. Maintain control throughout the movement to maximize muscle engagement.

  6. Repeat on the Other Side:

    • Perform the same controlled horizontal sweep, this time lowering your legs to the opposite side. Keep the movement steady and controlled, engaging the obliques to prevent excessive twisting.

  7. Continuous Motion:

    • Repeat the leg sweep from side to side in a continuous and fluid motion. Focus on using your core muscles to control the movement, and avoid any sudden or jerky actions.

  8. Breathing Technique:

    • Coordinate your breathing with the movement. Exhale as you lower your legs and inhale as you bring them back to the starting position. This helps maintain a consistent and controlled rhythm.

  9. Maintain Barbell Stability:

    • Throughout the exercise, keep the barbell stable and directly above your chest. Ensure a firm grip on the barbell, and use it as an anchor for your upper body stability.

  10. Full Range of Motion:

    • Aim for a full range of motion during the leg sweep, lowering your legs as close to the floor as your flexibility and control allow without compromising form.

  11. Controlled Tempo:

    • Emphasize a controlled tempo throughout the exercise. Avoid rushing the leg sweep, and focus on the quality of the movement to maximize muscle engagement.

  12. Cooldown:

    • After completing the desired number of repetitions, gently lower your legs to the floor and release the barbell. Perform any additional stretching or cooldown exercises to support flexibility and recovery.


  1. Core Activation: Barbell Floor Wiper primarily targets the abdominal muscles, engaging the entire core for enhanced strength and stability.

  2. Oblique Emphasis: The exercise places significant emphasis on the obliques, helping to sculpt and define the side abdominal muscles for a well-rounded core.

  3. Hip Flexor Engagement: Barbell Floor Wiper involves hip flexor activation, contributing to improved flexibility and strength in the hip region.

  4. Lower Back Support: While targeting the abs, the exercise also provides a secondary benefit by engaging the lower back muscles, promoting overall spinal stability.

  5. Barbell Resistance: The use of a barbell adds resistance, intensifying the workout and promoting muscle growth in the targeted areas.

  6. Coordination and Control: Performing the exercise requires coordination and control to execute the sweeping motion of the legs, enhancing overall motor skills.

  7. Functional Movement: The floor wiper movement simulates a functional pattern, which can translate to improved performance in daily activities that involve core strength and stability.

  8. Variability in Intensity: The exercise allows for adjustments in intensity by modifying the weight on the barbell, making it suitable for individuals at different fitness levels.

  9. Range of Motion: Barbell Floor Wiper encourages a full range of motion, promoting flexibility in the hip joints and enhancing overall mobility.

  10. Core Endurance: Incorporating this exercise into a routine can contribute to improved core endurance, supporting better posture and reducing the risk of lower back issues.

How Not to Perform