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Bench Crunch 101 Video Tutorial

Gym Main Variation Core Exercise


Bench Crunch
Bench Crunch

Exercise Synopsis

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Required Equipment

Flat Bench, Bodyweight

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The Bench Crunch is a bodyweight exercise that targets the abdominal muscles, focusing on core strength and toning. In this exercise, individuals lie on the floor with their upper back positioned on the edge of a bench and their feet placed on the bench. With hands lightly supporting the head, the movement involves lifting the upper body towards the knees by engaging the abdominal muscles, creating a controlled and deliberate crunching motion. Placing the feet on the bench enhances the range of motion and intensifies the engagement of the entire abdominal region, providing an effective workout for both upper and lower abs. This exercise is accessible for various fitness levels, requiring only a bench, and is a valuable addition to core training routines aimed at improving abdominal strength and definition.

How to Perform

  1. Begin the Twisting Bench Crunch to engage both the abs and obliques effectively. Set up by placing a mat on the floor and positioning a flat bench at the end of the mat, forming a T shape to facilitate a stable workout platform.

  2. Lie down on the mat, and place your legs on the bench with your calves resting on the top and your legs bent at a right angle, ensuring a secure and comfortable position for the exercise.

  3. Avoid placing your arms behind your neck, and instead, lightly touch the side of your head with your fingertips, maintaining a neutral neck position to prevent unnecessary strain.

  4. Initiate the exercise by lifting your shoulder blades slightly off the mat, engaging the core muscles, and then perform a controlled crunch by bringing your right elbow up towards the left side of your waist.

  5. Hold the contracted position for a brief pause of 1 second at the top to maximize muscle engagement, and then gradually lower back down to the starting position with control.

  6. Repeat the twisting bench crunch for the left elbow, ensuring a smooth and deliberate motion to effectively target both the abdominal muscles and obliques.


  1. Maintain the elevation of your shoulder blades off the floor consistently throughout the entire set to ensure continuous engagement of the abs and obliques.

  2. Emphasize controlled and deliberate form throughout the Twisting Bench Crunch, avoiding rapid or jerky movements. Opt for a slow and controlled pace, as quick jerking motions can increase the risk of strains and injuries, compromising the effectiveness of the exercise.

  3. Enhance the intensity of the workout by incorporating longer pauses at the top of each crunch. Extending the pause duration at the contracted position adds an extra challenge, promoting greater muscle activation and contributing to improved overall abdominal strength.

How Not to Perform